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Our Pizzaiolo getting his certificate in Napoli, Italy.

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We’re a mobile, wood fire, pizza kitchen. I’m not talking about the $5 carry-out specials you see on TV; I’m talking about the mother of all pizzas – the one and only true Neapolitan pie. Pizza is no joke for Italians and especially for the people of Naples (the birthplace of pizza where I got my training). Some Italian chefs even say American pizza at best is a  flatbread with bad toppings. Yikes! And don’t even get them started on the “Should Pineapple Be on Pizza?” debate. You might lose a limb! So, if American pizza is such a crime, where exactly is the “Hut”, the “Papa” or the “Roman Emperor” getting it wrong? Come try us and you’ll find out first hand!


True Neapolitan Pizza

I have had a love affair with pizza since I was 4 years old and my grandpa took one of grandma’s laundromat quarters (and swore me to secrecy) and bought me a slice of cheese pizza at the Woolworth lunch counter in the Wonderland Mall in San Antonio. I WAS HOOKED!  Since then, I have struggled with finding the perfect (if not just consistent) recipe over the years, and sadly my family struggled with me. Until I finally got formal training at the AVPN school in Naples Italy – they are the guardians and teachers of true Neapolitan pizza. I couldn’t be silent, and had to share my newfound knowledge with others. So today, those are the techniques I use as we treat our customers to the true art of baking the perfect pizza out of our mobile kitchen, always ensuring consistency, quality, and authenticity. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram, and check back often to see our current location.


Authentic and delicious

So where did pizza come from anyway? It’s almost impossible to prove when the first person decided to add water to flour to make dough, roll it out, and then bake it. But history does show that Neapolitan pizza had its origins in Naples, Italy around 1660. In the beginning, there were just two basic pizzas: the Mastunicole (the original from 1660, comprised of lard, cheese, and basil), and the Marinara (tomato, garlic, oregano, and oil). Interestingly enough, the name “Marinara” came to be because it was given to sailors (or “mariners”) as a cheap food. So, the sauce as we know it today was named after the pizza, rather than the other way around. And next came everyone’s favorite – the Margherita - a special pizza for the Queen!

Today we add more ingredients, and our signature pizzas feature thin sliced fresh German (and other) sausages straight from New Braunfels – hence our name – Wurst Pizza.

We handmake our pizzas the way they have been made for hundreds of years, including: Caputo Blue 00 flour; San Marzano D.O.P. tomatoes; fresh yeast; virgin olive oil; flaked sea salt; fresh grated, hard, parmesan; fresh basil leaves; fresh garlic; thinly sliced strips of ‘mozzarella’ or ‘fior di latte’; and of course, quality oregano. Our dough is never refrigerated or frozen, but made fresh daily and allowed to mature at room temperature for 24 hours the way it has been done for centuries  (before there were any freezers or refrigerators), giving it that authentic taste, character, and ‘chew’. Come taste the difference a true Neapolitan pizza provides!!!! You’ll be ruined and only want this from now on. 

But be warned...... 

......after just one bite, you stand a chance of becoming a Wurstaholic™!

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